1964 GMC PD 4106 – 815

Presently owned by Ron Carter Services Mooresville, IN, USA

Purchased in February 1998


 and another view

This second ( right )was before I found the materials to doll up the outside where the windows used to be.

Here’s the view as one walks up to climb aboard!


Here is the MACK truck door Latch mechanism I rescued from the salvage yard

Here is a little closer look at what I did to the edge of the original door to make the salvaged latch/lock work for me

Step into the bus onto the aluminum diamond plate steps I fabricated



picture of living room

Living room area

View of kitchen


More Kitchen



View from bedroom towards the bath / shower



View into Mom’s bedroom


Lots of lights in this bathrrom






Oh Yeah!… almost forgot this important unit …it sits next to a 32” fiberglas shower


Let’s go back up front for a minute…


OK, OK… I needed MORE light!


Here’s Ron’s view of the road.


TV, Stereo, VCR and JVC 12 disk CD changer are above in a mahogany stained red oak cabinet

I covered the entire original dash with naturally finished red oak veneer


Built the instrument housing from Corian to match the counters and sink in the kitchen

The backup monitor is really handy in the dash with the other instruments, air pressure, voltage,water temperature,Speedo, Oil pressure, VDO tachometer, fuel gauge, and hour meter

Other amenities that I added or modified are the light switch, which controls relays to turn on/off groups of lamps,

Keyed ignition switch – a lot handier than the way it was sold to me with about 4 switches that had to be in some certain positions before the old thing would fire up.

I can and have sat in the Flexsteel drivers seat for many, many hours.




Controls for everything  




There are 2 more Flexsteel reclineing seats for my Mom and Co=pilot and for one other passenger as well as a custom futon style sofa/bed that doubles as my bed when we pull over to get those important naps and nightly shuteye.




Here is the looks of the outside when I got the bus. It just had sheet metal very badly stretched over the framework that was placed in the window openings and was held in place by over 600 5/16” hex head screws on EACH side.

The second picture was taken shortly after completion of putting ¼” aluminum/corrugated plastic/aluminum laminated outdoor sign material over the sheet metal ( without the screws ) with flat headed rivets.  I removed the 5/16 screws and replaced them with ½: diameter flat rivets, then used same rivets to apply the laminated sign materials over the top of the sheet metal.  Most of the exposed rivets were then covered with either the gutter at the top, or a nice metallic blue automotive tape that I found at an RV salvage yard in Shipshewana, Indiana.  Hopefully a complete paint job will be the best thing to disguise the remaining rivets and the areas that I couldn’t figure out what to do with yet.



On the way…….

During the summer of 2000 my Mom and I took 8 kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, even great grandchildren to Florida from Mooresville.  Most of them had never seen the ocean, so it was a great trip for everyone.

Here are some pics we took while fooling around the beaches and the attractions:

Here is our group going into Valdosta Georgia’s Wild Adventures

I highly recommend that park as a great safe place to take kids… we ALL had a ball !

Left to right TOP Row Nick Ralph, Ashley Carter,Ryan Ralph, Mom, Ada Carter

( grandma/greatgrandma )

2nd Row: Kaegan Hadley, Shelby Hadley

in stroller Gabe Carter, & his Mom ( my daughter) Teresa Carter

Ashley and Shelby at their favorite ride, a water “log” ride that throws water about 45 feet in the air, drenching everyone within 150 feet of the ride.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture of them actually IN the boats.. couldn’t take the chance of getting my camera soaked.  I think they rode that thing 100 times.


My granddaughter Ashley and her 2nd cousin Terry catching their balance in the surf at Jacksonville beach